The Total Oral Care Solution

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All in one solution

GoBrush is a compact toothbrush with integrated toothpaste, tongue cleaner, and interdental brush, all in one. GoBrush is designed with both comfort and convenience in mind… small enough to fit in your side pocket, strong enough to make the journey. GoBrush is the total oral care health solution everyone needs to easily maintain good oral hygiene, on the go.

Patent pending, number 63/235,459

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    The interchangeable brush head has bristles made of nylon based soft filaments that feature antimicrobial additives to inhibit bacterial growth. A tongue cleaner is included. The brush cover converts to an optional handle extension for better grip and comfort, if needed.

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    Our exclusive formulations of toothpaste are dispensed through a replaceable cartridge that lasts about 30 brushes. The unique internal pump ensures seamless flow over the brush for a pleasant brushing experience.

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    Interdental Brush

    The interchangeable interdental brush plugs into GoBrush cover and is the perfect solution for plaque removal. Available in 3 different sizes.


GoBrush is 5.6″ X 0.9″ and extends to 8.2" with the optional handle extension. Built-in visual indicators let you know when your brush head needs to be replaced, when the toothpaste is low, and when your interdental brush is worn! Brush heads generally last 3 months, toothpaste cartridges last about 30 brushes, and interdental brushes last about 1 to 2 weeks.

Why GoBrush is better…

Every design decision was made with a premium brushing experience in mind. The GoBrush is a complete closed design, which prevents paste leakage, drying and clogging. All components are designed to be easily assembled and replaced- snapping into place securely with ease. The internal airless pump delivers just the right amount of toothpaste and prevents excessive exposure to air to preserve toothpaste shelf life.

Testimonials from our testers

I keep this brush with me all the time- I love that I don’t have to think about packing three things anymore!

Cole Stanley
Business Analyst and Frequent Traveler

I love my GoBrush, it helps keep me smile ready no matter what!

Gabrielle Campbell
Manager and Gym Enthusiast

At home, gym or plane I always have my GoBrush

Nathaniel Fisher
Designer and traveler

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    About us

    We are a team of design engineers who were simply tired of packing a bag full of oral care items, around the office and on the road, in order to upkeep our oral hygiene and maintain a fresh breath! With decades of experience in materials science, product design and development, and advanced manufacturing, we knew there was a better way… and when we couldn’t find it, we built it!